Daniela Hlasová

Photographer and makeup artist

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Is it technically complex? Maybe….impossible? You will never hear this word from me 🙂

Hello, my name is Daniela Hlasova. I was born in Prague and there is also my studio and the largest representation of clients. Closest client of mine had the same home, far away clients are from Japan and the USA. If Prague is to far for you, Ill be glad get come to yours place 🙂

My speciality is simply people like you or me, but I secretly try to take a picture of them looking nicer.What I like the most & the majority of my portfolio is glamour / boudoir photography (even in non-traditional locations including horses – my big inspiration is my own Czech warmblood) portraits, beauty shoots, fashion and ultimately family photo shoots and social events.
After 15 years of practising amateur photography and computer graphics I had moved to professional photography in 2014. I passed challenging technical tests in the photography field as a licensed photojournalist with accreditation in the mid-2015. In 2016 I completed full Makeup artist Education.
My photographs are often presented in the TOP selection of the biggest photographic sites with great reviews and they also decorate walls of many models and families I have worked with.I always approach my customers individually, and now I can proudly say that many of my clients and models have become my friends. I prefer shooting outside, because I enjoy creating different environments and tailored-made pictures, but a studio shoot can be arranged without any problem. I use luxury boudoir studios and professional 100-meter atelier in Prague 5 for studio photoshoots.
If you have any questions about a photo shoot, please do not hesitate to asking
me. I always try to meet my customers’ needs!! And remember – nothing is ever impossible for me! Thank you for your ideas and that you have spent your time to check out my website. I look forward to meeting you!!!

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